Short Films

I love story-telling. In all its forms. Short films and music videos, especially my independent ones, are something which allow me to really enjoy my craft and tell fun little stories all in one.

I have been seeking ways to be able to create more of these short films and videos in an attempt to really show my love of my craft.

The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.

The Jamaican Man 3 – Early Poppins (2019)

It’s not all fun and games for our friend Trevah, oh no! Some days the rollercoaster goes down. It’s at this point, that he has to lean on the good advice provided by his good friends.

The Jamaican Man (2019)

Let’s talk about persistence. “The Jamaican Man” is nothing if not persistent. Let’s take a quick look at a “typical day” shall we?

Cloaked Favours (2018)

A short film about a little alien girl who is stranded on earth. She is drawn to trash as it reminds her of her home planet. She heard stories about mountains of trash from the garbage men and she follows the truck while she can each night in an attempt to find this lovely oasis.

Blinded – Awaters ft. Chris Lyon (2017)

A love song resulting from being blinded in Atwaters’ journey to love.

Platonic – Focus The Truth (2017)

Oh no! The cheetahs have captured Focus’ friend Samurai. Focus and Ayo are on a mission to save Samurai from the scamming cheetahs.

Deserted (2015)

Well hey, apparently it’s this guys birthday soon and he’s planning the party, making his little list of things to do…I’ve heard of optimistic….but this?

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