Alphonso Elm

For those who may not be aware, I am Alphonso El Maestro. A creative who over the years has moved deeper and deeper into the world of story telling, having gotten my start as a graphic designer so many years ago. These days, I specialize mainly in animation and motion graphics. Making your ideas come to life in as creative a manner as possible.

If you are going to create, it best be something that you enjoy.

My philosophy

The world has given us so much beauty. It is only right that we create some in order to give back love to the universe for the blessing she provided us. I do a lot of nude illustrations and drawings, not just because I enjoy seeing the female body in its purest form, but because I believe:

  • In nudity, we accept who we are, at our most basic level.
  • We aren’t hiding or putting on a show.
  • This is the easiest way to promote self love.

Now over the years my preference and love for my art has changed and evolved but I can say one thing remains true and will always remain true, I love what I do and there is nothing to me quite like when a client sees a completed piece and falls in love with themselves! This is what I live for.