This week’s meditation session (recorded November 8, 2020) is focused on finding calmness from within. With the fast pace of our world and the promises that what we need can be found by emptying our wallets, it may be a little counter-intuitive to believe that you have all the answers within you. But, take a moment or two to yourself and start to ask yourself the right questions.

Meditation and mindfulness don’t need to be a long, marathon session. Start out with a simple 1-minute practice and over time you can turn that into a 5 minute, then 10-minute session, and eventually finding yourself practicing mindfulness at regular points throughout your day.

If at any moment you become flustered, just remember, there is peace in your breath.

Take a listen, let me know what you think and I hope you find some calmness. There will be a new recording every two weeks, Sundays before my in-person (online) sessions.