Commercial Videos

In order to fund my short films, I can either beg for money, or use my time in a more constructive manner and create videos for companies and individuals who seek to get their stories told creatively!

Project description

These are animated videos which I have put together for a variety of clientele.

These animations are a hybrid of traditional frame by frame and symbol animation.


Weeks per quality minute…on average

Platonic Music Video

The scammers have captured the OG samurai, it’s up to our heroes Ayo and Focus to save the Samurai and join forces with him to kick some cheetah butt!

KJR Consulting

KJR Consulting is a consulting firm which helps their clients to maximize the value their human resources have.

Branding Ninjas

This animation was done for my animation studio at the time as we wanted to highlight the services offered.

Networking I

This video was one in a series of animations done for an educational company who was in the process of developing an app.

Demo Reel 2015

Short on time but curious to see what kind of animation I offer? Take a look at my demo reel with snippets of my favourite pieces from that year.

Ugh…I need to find time to update my reel.