Cloaked Favours


The movie ‘Cloaked Favours’ is based on the nightly excursions of Beelibop, our star. Who is she? What does she want? Read below to find out!

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Focused and highly motivated
  • Quick and agile
  • Willing to put in hard work
  • Persistent
  • Careful planner (quick mind)
  • Controlling
  • Demanding
  • Does not trust others
  • Shy



Beelibop was sent to this planet and for some strange reason her spirit inhabits garbage. Her life has been very short but interesting as she has been on a journey to a place with mountains of trash that the humans
who she fears all tend to speak of with great disdain. To her, it sounds like paradise, a place where she could enjoy freedom from the skittish humans and animals which would otherwise destroy her.

Every night, Beelibop wakes up in the dumpster or bin she called home for her daily naps. Her first task is to regenerate any parts of her which might have gone missing due to homeless people or animals foraging

during the day as she rests.

Her nights usually start with the sounds of the garbage truck closing in on her location as these sounds are her alarm clock. After regenerating her missing limbs she then has to quickly and stealthily move from where
she rested to find a good vantage point where she can watch and follow the truck along its route to the dump. She has been doing this for some time and finds the interactions between the men interesting.

Staying out of sight and avoiding any areas which are well lit she follows the truck. Usually only able to follow for a short period, 4-5 blocks depending on the weather and how busy the streets are. Whenever

she loses touch with the garbage truck, she then tries to find sustenance. Usually left-overs from the horrifically sweet and salty thing the humans call food. She then hunkers down in a bin to rest for the next night.


Character’s Voice

Short phrases, no unnecessary vocalizing. She rarely speaks as she finds it unnecessary to do so. She only occasionally interacts with animals. The majority of her conversations are internal in nature.

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