She isn’t a passing fancy you just spend a minute or two interacting with. Oh no, she is a break from reality, an energy that will submerge you and remind you of what it means to live. Lost in her you will find yourself questioning everything you thought you knew and end up craving new sensations, new stimulation.

Physically alluring, mentally intriguing and energetically charging, she makes you better without you even noticing. Your vibration lifts and your spirits soar while everything outside fades into obscurity.

Don’t just try to capture her to lock her down, she is too free to allow such things to take place, her magic comes from her freedom to express and create.

Love her as is, look at her in awe, or leave her alone. She is “The Goddess Aquarius”

Art Bouquet

Sometimes, you find yourself in a slump artistically where you have almost no real drive to create anything and so you just go through the motions and just do what needs to get done to complete your days.

I found myself in that position recently where I was creating a lot, but I felt as if I wasn’t in touch with what I was creating. For weeks and months I struggled with this issue until one fateful day I decided to draw this beauty. I don’t know what it is, but if you want to talk about reignited passions, this is where you will look.

Aptly titled “Art Bouquet”, this illustration, while not entirely fitting the usual parameters for my ‘As I Imagine’ series, she has gotten me back into the swing of things and I’m now creating illustrations and enjoying them once again.

If you’d like to see the process of me drawing her, you can just watch the YouTube video here

Speedy Illustration of Art Bouquet with Alphonso Elm

What do you think about this illustration? Would you like to see more drawings and animation with my thoughts about them? Please let me know below.