What I do

Well…I am a man of many talents one could say.

  • Animator
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Artist
  • Poet
  • Author
  • Fitness obsessed!

But really, I’m just a guy who makes art in any form I can.

How I do it

Inspired by beauty.


I’ve always been inspired by curves. The female form is especially inspiring, as anyone who has followed my work for any time can tell you. I have a preference for sensuous, curvy pieces.

While a majority of my work is now focused on showcasing the beautiful female form, it was once a daunting task to actually draw a female. So essentially every drawing/illustration/painting I do of females is also a scoff at limitations.

Why do this?

Beauty and storytelling lovingly intertwined.

Find Your Inner Sexy

Embrace your uniqueness! We all have that one thing that makes us stand out, that makes us sexy/beautiful to ourselves and others. That is what I hope to capture with my pieces: that inner sexy. I believe in the freedom to express yourself as you like. Censorship be damned! That’s why I created this site. It offers me an opportunity to show work that would possibly be flagged elsewhere.


Happy Clients


Hours of Work


Personal Illustrations/Paintings Completed


Completed Projects

Illustration/Digital Painting

Recently I realized, that the first introduction I got to an “artist” was Jack from Titanic. That scene stuck with me where he drew her and that’s when I picked up the pencil the first time and oouuu was I terrible!

Good thing I kept right on going or these images you see here would not have existed.


I’ve always been a fan of animation. Watching the masterpieces of old Disney always had me wondering how on earth they gave life to these characters and situations. I wanted to do that. I now do just that!